Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Photos for the Comp Plan

I forgot to ask -- do you have photos, or could you take digital photos, of Hurley locations we discuss in the comprehensive plan? Do you know someone you could ask? (for love, no money) Things we could use -
  • Examples of Hurley's history
  • Rural character and environment
  • Route 28 Overlay deterioration
  • Samples of current housing stock and developments
  • Safety issues
  • Transportation/roadway illustrations
  • Home businesses
  • Logging
  • Unused light industrial district buildings
  • Parks/ball parks/recreation areas
  • Cornfields and bluffs
  • Reservoir
  • Scenic roadways and view corridors
  • Storm water run-off and flooding problems
  • Smoke from open burning
  • Senior citizen gathering or individual portraits - with permission
  • Schools
  • Main Street
  • Maverick
  • Design Standards at work - maybe Hurley Ridge Market
  • Tourism destinations
  • Traffic hotspots

Got the idea?

Send pictures or inquiries to me at wahtera@adhoccopy.com


Ruth Wahtera

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