Friday, October 19, 2007

Budget Hearings

This note is to remind Hurley residents to thoughtfully look at the proposed budget. Hearings will likely be announced at the Town Board meeting at the West Hurley Firehouse this Monday, October 22 at 7PM. In 2007, the budget for Highway capital projects was cut in half -- to $150,000. The draft budget for 2008 will hold this amount flat, but will make provision for a major expansion to the West Hurley park on Dug Hill Road. According to Shingeviss Associates, the proposed park expansion is estimated at $686,750. Even if grant applications are successful, the Town's share of the cost would be $343,375 -- more than twice the budget for Hurley's highway improvements. Given the potential liability of NYC's tax litigation and the declining funds in the Watershed Towns account left to fight this suit, would we be better served with a rainy day fund, vs. a major park expansion? Or at the least, should there be a larger investment in the Town's highway infrastructure? After all, $150,000 buys less than 1.5 miles of road material. There are no doubt many different opinions on the subject -- please exercise your right to comment on the budget.

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Honest Abe said...

The amount of highway funds requested this year was $200,000 which was lowered to $175,000 to keep property taxes in check.

Now with Councilman Gills increase to $300,000 to the adopted budget, Hurley residents will see a property tax increase of 16% in highway taxes and a 12.4% increase in overall town property taxes!

This when each year for as far back as researched, the town has had a budget surplus in excess of $400,000 at the end of each year! The budget surplus for 2006 was $661,000 and the estimated surplus for 2007 is $500,000.
With this much surplus each year why should taxes be raised by 12.4% for road improvments instead of redirecting surplus funds and reducing property taxes to fund these improvments?