Thursday, January 24, 2008

West Hurley Water Feasability Study

In 2007, C. T. Male Associates P.C. was hired by the Town of Hurley to perform a water service feasibility study for the Hamlet of West Hurley. The completed study has now been posted on the website. You can now read the results and view the maps by clicking on Water District Study

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Michael said...

The West Hurley Water Study was funded by a DEC Water Quality Grant in the amount of $24,700. $10,700 went towards the study and the remaining $14,000 was being proposed for a rock fracture test and to drill a test well and 72 hour pump test.
Once these tests were completed the town was working in conjunction with Congressman Maurice Hinchey's office to secure 2 million in funding to help offset the cost to district users. The goal was to reduce the cost to $500 or less per household for implementation of the district.
Building the Water District would secure fresh potable water for West Hurley residents far into the future as water becomes more precious than oil!
It will also increase property values for homes that are conected to the district.
The reasoning behind the grant application and study was due to the fact that some of the local wells had been polluted by underground gasoline tanks, 2 wells still test positive for MTBE gas additive. Other wells in the area have e-coli bacteria because of the small lot sizes and age of their septic systems.